MOE Tutorials (Based upon Approved Document B 2006

Adequate means of escape (MOE) in the event of a fire is of fundamental importance to any building that is occupied by people.

Listed below is a series of training tutorials which we have designed to help students and trainees gain a better understanding of the requirements given in Approved Document Part B: 2006.

The series of tutorials starts with the basic means of escape requirements for single-family dwelling houses and steadily considers more complex types of building as the student gains increased knowledge.

We have divided each tutorial into two parts having questions and answers, it is hoped that students will work through the questions by referring to the Approved Document Part B and relevant British Standards then check their work against the model answers.

The model answers are available for a small fee (£1.00 for each block of five answers). Maintaining a website does cost money, by introducing a small donation will help us ensure that this site can be maintained.

To complement the series of tutorials we have suggested that occasional projects and tests are undertaken to help build up the students confidence and knowledge.